Kassatex is part of the exploding sector of digitally-native linens retailers, and we worked with them to differentiate their brand and UX.

Visual Design - Interface Design - Development - Shopify

To launch Kassatex's new site we added custom bundles, real-time monogramming, custom filters, and an Everest integration, all while keeping their speed top-tier. For their design we kept things straightforward and clean, with enough images and content to keep their brand’s look and feel.

Luxurious fabrics from Kassatex, brought to you online by Half Helix

A blanket from their Brentwood collection

Fig 1. Complex Backend, Simple Frontend

Kassatex has a multi-faceted business with ecommerce retail, brick and mortar stores, wholesale, and bundles, so we worked hard to make Shopify their business's home base.

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